Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Post-Prison Martha

It's the holiday season and my thoughts, quite naturally, turn to Martha Stewart. Me, and the entire media population, it seems. The New York Times hopped on the bandwagon recently with an article about her reality show set to launch upon her, ahem, release from prison.

I personally think Martha got a bad deal -- six months in jail for selling a stock on a tip and then being a bit snippy with federal investigators. Especially since we all knew she was naturally snippy. But I think it might turn out to be a brilliant career move -- look for Martha to come out to a world of Sears-Kmart, the aforementioned reality show and maybe even the launch of a handy household shiv.

In fact, I predict the post-prison Martha brand will be bigger than ever. And since she's served time, you've got to think that absolutely nobody will want to @#$%%^^&*! with her now.

– Dean Gemmell


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