Saturday, January 07, 2006

Celebrity marketing at the Amway Grand Plaza.

Recently, I stayed at the Amway Grand Plaza hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In the lobby, I found this plaque that proudly listed all the, "Prominent people who have stayed in this hotel since opening on September 15, 1981."

For some reason, it hit the wrong notes for me. At first, it struck me as defensive – as if they were saying, "We are a very nice hotel. Really, we are. These people prove it."

Then it ticked me off just a bit. Isn't everyone supposed to be treated like a VIP at a fine hotel? Isn't that the whole point?

Finally, I was struck by the random nature of the collection of names.

Seems like a good reason to be careful with plaques.


Blogger Dave J. said...

I've seen that plaque. Isn't part of the point of staying at such a place the rubbing-shoulders effect.

And when I've had clients stay there, it certainly made them feel pampered, if nothing else.

Now the selection of names, that is a tough one to manage.

9:38 AM  
Blogger Black Lab Five said...

Nice to hear your perspective, Dave. It just didn't make me feel like I would be more – or less – pampered during my stay. And like when brands tell me they're cool, I'm a little skeptical of a hotel that seems to be using this list to tell me it's classy. There's also the list management problem that you spotlight.

All that aside, I should add that my stay at the Amway Grand was top-notch.

11:17 AM  
Blogger Dave J. said...

There is a fine line between class and crass.

5:46 AM  
Blogger Fred said...


C'mon admit it. You're just disappointed they didn't run out with a sharpie when they heard you were coming.


1:49 PM  

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