Wednesday, January 05, 2005

As if Duping 80 Million People Wasn't Enough

Not content with conning over 80 million theatergoers, Andrew Lloyd Webber -- along with Joel Schumacher -- had to bring The Phantom of the Opera to movie screens. Anthony Lane, in this week's New Yorker, already covered most of my thoughts more eloquently than I ever could. Something along the lines of garbage in, garbage out.

I continue to believe that the tyrannical fancy-showy-WebberyMackintoshy Broadway musical industry preys on unsuspecting Midwesterners for its filthy luchre. My brethren from here in the big Middle travel to NYC and feel compelled to see "a show." The whole time they suffer through it, there's a little voice in their heads that says, "This is complete crap." Alas, they're overpowered by the New York performing arts machine that insists the crap musical they just saw was really good. Eventually, the good people of the Midwest acquiesce and return to the flyover states, bringing news that the latest blockbuster musical is a must-see. A horrible, vicious cycle.

In the interests of balance, Rolling Stone was a whole lot more positive.

-- Dean Gemmell


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