Friday, May 13, 2005

Business Resistance to Blogs.

I loathe adding to the relentless stream of blog entries about blogging and the blogosphere and blog etiquette and so forth. But I do think it's worth reading Steve Rubel over at MicroPersuasion for his take on how many in the business media are saying that blogs are overhyped and will never be adopted by business in any significant way.

First, let me say that the naysayers could be right. Blogs are probably overhyped. They've burned a little hot lately.

But I think blogs are just becoming the victims of bad marketing. People hear the word "blog" and think it's something alien. Bottom line is what I've always said — a blog is simply a web site that allows for instant, dynamic publishing. Blogs are about moving the web beyond static brochureware — the stuff that always bored the crap out of me — and making it what the best media has always been.

New. Changing. Interesting.

One of the best quotes in Rubel's piece is that, "...many consumers are visiting blogs without even realizing it because they look so professional." That's the thing. There's really no fundamental difference between a blog and a traditional web site. Except, of course, that a blog changes and a traditional web site just sits there. Sure, a traditional site is probably still necessary like a brochure, but it's not something that really builds value.

I'mn still a bit frustrated when I fail to convince business people of the value of blogs. Beyond the chance to create a relevant, interesting voice for a company, they can help focus thinking and strategy. Being forced to write cogent thoughts sharpens anyone.

It's time to stop thinking about blogs like they're rants and raves or a teenager's journal. They're publishing tools that are making the web worth reading again.


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