Monday, October 10, 2005

Brother printers suck.

When we opened our doors, we bought a basic black and white printer for standard office documents. We chose a Brother HL-1440, recommended to us by the guy at Office Max.

It has been the worst piece of technology I have ever owned. Basically, I need one basic thing from this kind of printer — when I press Command-P, it prints the document. I don't really care about speed — I just need productivity.

No matter what we tried, this printer spat out pages only when the spirit moved it. Despite our best efforts, made in a spirit of cooperation with the HL-1440, this cantankerous little bastard would not cede control.

For a first-hand look at a hopeless approach to handling customer complaints, visit the Brother web site. For starters, it's an absolute ordeal to simply voice one's dissatisfaction. Then, after the perfunctory computer-generated email that says my complaint has been received, a vacuum. Weeks pass with zero correspondence.

Do not buy a Brother printer, especially the Brother HL-1440. Because the Brother HL-1440 sucks. Furthermore, Brother sucks.


Anonymous Lisa said...

Thank you for the warning. Just yesterday I saw an ad (Office Max circular?) for a Brother laser and was tempted to replace my capricious and expensive-to-operate Epson color ink jet.

12:13 PM  
Blogger Black Lab Five said...

Glad I could help. Now that I've tossed the printer off my desk, hearing a positive outcome from my post really makes me feel better.

1:15 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is a screwed up web site! Always a good pre-indication on the type of product that they sell.

I hate to say it, but never diminish the need for solid postscript technology, which this printer definitely lacks.

You would expect a printer to last for at least a few years. But the printer market is more about locking consumers into a consumables buying chain and not about building quality machines. Isn't that ironic. If you had purchased a quality machine the lasted you would be on their rope for a long time. Not now!

You're close to railroad tracks, yeah? You know where I'd put that POS. Set yourself free. do suck!


10:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i only wish i had read this site before buying the mfc420cn which is right now stuck in an endless cleaning cycle in an attempt to use up the cartridge so i have to buy a new one. the picture suck also...

7:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Loni said...

Brother sucks so bad!
I want to kick this MFC 7220 out into the street.
I got a warranty replacement and worked them into a new one vs refurb.
I have tried 2 different types of paper 2 different toner assemblies and it still says PAPER JAM.
Wow how could there be a paper jam when it wont even take the paper in for more than an inch and it is brand new out of the box - not s single page has been printed from it.
I am on the phone as I type with some international call center demanding my money back.
We shall see...

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Loni said...

Oh yeah I didn't mention I am talking about the BRAND NEW replacement!

9:57 AM  
Blogger Brittany said...

Brother Printers DO suck. Apparently my boss LOVES the brand or gets some deal or something, because all of our office printers are Brother and all them suck...except, apparently, his because when I say oh, this is the problem I have, he says oh, that never happens for me. And it's not just me either! He just brought a brand new one because he finally realized that the one I have to use is constantly jammed. And we've had the new one for less than a week. Guess what? It's jammed. For no reason. Even when there's no paper jammed, the stupid light still blinks. And Brother company is useless, since their solution is "take out the jam and if it still blinks, call us." Uh, dudes, I don't want to call you, I just want a printer that works. Why are these awful printers so finicky? If you don't have exactly the right amount of paper in, it screws up. If you try to print an envelope or something from the manual (which btw sucks, why isn't there an actual tray because all my mailing envelopes end up crooked), it jams. If you turn it on, IT JAMS. I hate hate hate it.

8:36 AM  
Blogger Brittany said...

Oh, by the way, I have the HL-2040 and we have three other 'versions' which, you guessed it, suck. I guess the one good thing about this sucky version is that it doesn't squeel and beep when it claims to be jammed like the other one. You have no idea how annoying that was. Oh, no, wait. You probably do.

8:38 AM  
Blogger Aoife said...

I feel like hitting my Brother LC-970 printer with a rolling pin! I spent weeks looking for the ink it said to use in the instructions, namely LC1000 black, and when i finally found them as part of a four-pack it turned out that I actually needed LC970 black. Now, after the endless cleaning cycles mentioned above by someone else, and after printing around 30 pages, it says i need to buy new ink. Anyone up for a bonfire of brother printers?? I'm going to tescos now to buy a cheap hp one instead...

6:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh fuck brother printers, I fix printers myself , What the fuck , Brother printers are a waste , They are garbage , Fuck brother printers , Dont buy brother printers , Do not buy any fax , I recommend Hp . Fuck brother .

5:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just LOVE how Brother decides your ink cartridges are empty. Whether they are or not, you can't print until you change them. A**holes.

6:30 PM  
Blogger A Common Tater said...

If I had my webcam on you could see one of the dumbest men on the face of......I've been shafted twice by Brother and their ink-selling gadgets. This time it is the MFC640CW, an ink-wasting multifunctional. I depend on the fax function only and to my knowledge, have never used any color for any reason but sure enough it stopped working AFTER I replaced two of the four cartridges! Greedy little fellow. These folks basically give away their printers and then they have you by the ink! If you want a laser, buy the Samsung. All it does is run, and run, and run.

4:04 PM  
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4:30 PM  
Anonymous michael said...

"Brother all in one junk printers" is my new pet (peeve) name

5:27 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

the ppl who produce trash like that should be fucking burned alive for the misrable job they've done...
k I buyd the DCP 145c, a rly cheap fucking piece of shit cause i was rly in a hurry and had no time for compromisable solutions....anyway so ..first that piece of shit didnt even include a usb cable so I went out to buy one that fits...second, on the box it said 1 inc cartrige for 100 pages of text and I could replace only the colours that are missing....pffff motherfuckers....after maybe 12 prints (not even full pages) the warning for low ink showed up...and I start to get pissed off...soo I buyd the one that was empty (black of course)...I put it in an up comes the warning "refill all ur ink cartiges cause there might be a problem" I try to keep my cool and went to the store AGAIN and buyd all the other fuckin ink cartriges ( wich costs a small fortune)...Im so close now to smash that thing on the shithead who sold it to I went home, reeinstalled the drivers and put in all the missing ink...and I tryd to print something...and up comes "printing error for unkown reasons" I just fuckin lost it and put this piece of shit back in the garbage where it belongs cause of course the store who sold it didnt gave any garantie on i got left with a 250 dollar nothingness and a burning feeling that comes from the inside and make u wanna kill never ever buy anything from "brother". and if a salesman comes up to u and recommends that brother is one of the best on the market...u shoot this guy right in his fucking face

8:48 AM  
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Blogger Sonny said...

bought a multi function printer, copier, scan and fax 7420 within 2 years the motherboard blew the technician says have to buy new machine.

5:49 AM  
Anonymous Multifunction Printers said...

I think it strange that much of this seems aimed at Brother printers & multifunction products? Most printers these days certainly inkjet printers are more problamtic than laser printers. I have had bad experiences with Epson & HP printers I guess it's all down to building products to a low price & geneally there is quite a lot of things to go wrong within a printer, Paper pickup, dust build up, transport mechanisms etc. They all suffer from similar problems. As for the comment 'I didn't even get a printer cable' then none do unless thrown in by the vendor. Some Multifunction Printers
are available with cables from some companies. It stems from the days of RS232 serial printers when every PC & printer used different communication protoicols to communicate wirth them. So impossible to add a printer cable as it wouldn't work anyway! Brother have a solutions centre here which might help some of you that are experiencing problems.

3:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are so right! I am have sent the same printer for repair to the Zurich office and received a report that it was fixed and they did not even bother to check if it wAs fixed, forget about fixing it. I was just now told that the printer is so cheap I should consider buying a new one I stead of sending time and effort bringing it back for so
any times. And that brain surgeant of a Custo
er representative will send
e am email now then I will also be able to post her name I. Here. The printer gives an error tha there are no cartriges and everyti e I buy new ones and still he error is I. There. The last time I have told them to open brand new cRteiges and I will Pay for them and they did not. Now I have td her the same thing she answered me saying the cartriges cost as much money as the printer, I shod have to much money she said. Unbelievable! WhY kind of imbecile is handpickimg the brother personnel??????

2:37 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

BROTHER printers are TONER SCAM and a are waste of time. Don't buy! The Youtube video about the BROTHER toner scam worked like a charm! All I did was taped the sensors with sticky tape and it works again (when it works)! No more "CLEAN CORONA WIRE..." error and no more TONER light. Lots of toner left in the cartridge, all you do is tape the sensors on both sides and I was able to print another 1712 pages (with many red lights in between for no reason) with it until the toner ran out! This is my last B(R)OTHER ever.

11:03 AM  
Blogger Uhuru Pies said...

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6:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have an HL-4070CDW. In the past year, I had to replace the drum, the belt and the waste toner box. I paid $250 8 months ago to have it serviced. Now the motor is blown and it blew fuser gear. The machine is less than 4 years old. The cartridges are expensive and Brother Customer service is completely unhelpful. Spread the word, do not buy Brother printers.

6:12 PM  
Blogger Joyce Davis said...

I have two Brothers printers and am very disappointed in both and in the (lack of ) service provided by Brothers. My MFC-8480DN has a document feeder that is basically unusable. It's very fast, but misses about 1 page out of 3. I therefore have to go through everything that I scan or copy to make sure that there are no pages missing. If a page is missed in scanning, then I have to redo the whole process I then have to redo going page by page. My Brothers' machines also have difficulty printing envelopes. All in all, I will never buy another Brothers printer again. Joyce Davis, Newtonville, MA

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Benjamin Moore said...

I have have EXTENSIVE experience with HPs, Canons, Epsons, Oki, etc. I have never EVER had as much trouble with any one company as I have had with BROTHER. This company sucks so bad. I have dealt with 2 of their "all in one" fax machine/printers, and 3 of their Laserjet Printers almost constantly having to troubleshoot these children at my small business. The straw that broke the camel's back was my office manager's HL-2140. You can try and install every version under the sun for Windows 7 and it will install but not send anything out. Put it back on the Machine running 2000, and it's fine. Customer service was very unsympathetic to my pleas for help, and it became obvious after 5 minutes that I had more IT knowledge than Apu or Ben Javeery or whoever the %&*( was over there at the "Customer Service Center." I mentioned registry files, and it was like I could hear him blinking on his end of the phone...he didn't understand his own companies uninstall programs or what they did! Never EVER buy a Brother product! Whatever tiny bit of change you might save on the purchase, you will more than pay in toner, drums, frustration, and time. If I had to pick the least of the evils, I'd go with HP. Do not recommend Brother to anyone...except maybe your ex-girlfriend. $#^@ them!

7:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have a mfc255cw and is a HUGE PILE OF SH!T...

please NEVER NEVER NEVER buy a product from this company!

the "support" is as much of a joke as the "paper jamming", "low ink", "cleaning" piece of crap printer.


8:24 PM  
Anonymous brother toner cartridges said...

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8:53 PM  
Blogger no said...

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Great job on the blog, it looks great. I am going to save it and will make sure to visit weekly

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

after spending countless hours trying to install a brother MFC 7840w printer.with absolutely NO help from the company on multiple tries. I realize that buying the brother was the biggest mistake I could have made. Please pass it on. The funniest part is how the company wanted $ 28 dollars more to help me with no assurance it would work.

6:28 PM  
Blogger Sweet Fairy said...

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9:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to say " the brother printer i have MFC-J625DW sucks in term of ink cartilage usage. Even when the Ink is half way down, it'll tell you that the ink toner is empty. WTF, so much of ink wastage-as i have to change it, otherwise it won't go further and print. The printer companies have become so cunning- they sell the printer @ a cheaper price & give minimum amount ink cartridges, so that they can later sell separate cartridges @ a higher rate, & this the way they make money - first by having stupid ink sensing tech inside the printer & and then selling cartridges.

6:11 AM  
Blogger Nadia Yaseen said...

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Blogger TallWm said...

I just threw out my colour Brother Printer it was the biggest piece of shit I have ever owned I will never ever buy a printer over 50.00 for they are all a piece of shit.

10:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brother Printers are the biggest pieces of shit ever. Do not ever buy a Brother printer, there customer service s a joke, and I vow to tell everyone I know how much of a bullshit company this is too create a printer of worthlessness. I paid $200 for a printer just to make a print, and nope way too hard for this piece of shit. I have the Brother MFC-J45100W you cant even find this model on their customer support online, they are garbage and my experience with customer support was garbage too. Fuck Brother Printers, let everyone know how much a crock of shit this company is. The printer will make the loudest sounds like its breaking, then spit out 5 pieces of paper, not to mention you can only put one in at a time or else you will get a paper jam. Then it makes you open all of these different pieces of the printer before you can re-print or attempt too. Then it does it again and again. This is the most frustrating printer ever. Definitely not a brother

9:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish I found this blog before buying the piece of shit Brother Printer HL-2360DW. Fair warning to anyone out there. Do Not Buy A Brother Printer! The damn thing won't print except on very, very rare occasions without rhyme or reason. It turns on, sits at "ready", goes to sleep, goes into deep sleep, and might as well be in a damn coma! NOTHING you do will get it to print. Not reconnecting, not on/off, not rebooting, not deleting and re-adding..... NOTHING! Your computer will keep telling you it's offline or not turned on. Customer support is a joke as noted above. It is a complete and total waste of money.

10:22 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had 2 of the hl l2240d's that were always not working without resetting everything every time I used them. Then one day both mysteriously stopped working at the same time/same day. I phoned Brother. I got a guy who asked if he could connect through the internet to my printers. After some whriling and buzzing both began to work again. Following week both stopped again. I think they are going in and sending a virus to make them fail in order to boost sales. Slimy company DON'T BUY BROTHER.

3:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bought an HL L2340DW. Big mistake. Got me through one toner cartridge then the error message that stopped the printer said replace toner. I did that and it just kept saying replace the toner cartridge. I was using a Brother replacement cartridge, brand new out of the box and sealed aluminum foil inner wrapper so that was not an issue. When I googled the problem come to find out this is a known problem with this model and could only be fixed by standing on my head, while reciting the encyclopedia international backwards. Needless to say it remains broken and only 2 months old. The Brother web site is about as much help as a foam rubber wheel chair. Choose wisely before buying a printer.

3:52 PM  
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Blogger Deborah Mullis said...

OMG ... I completely agree!!! My Brothers Printer/Scanner is a completely unreliable piece of crap!

6:04 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too hate my Brother printer with a passion. Nothing will fix the stupid thing. Right now I have it set to "Fit size to paper", 8.5" x 11" paper setting, "greyscale", and 2-sided. For no reason at all it is wasting my ink printing these stupidly narrow pages on a document for a senior citizen friend of mine, with huge two inch margins on all sizes. Why?!?! The document (a .pdf) is totally normal looking!! So why is it making these stupid tiny letters?! She can't read them for crying out loud!! This is a total waste of paper and ridiculously expensive ink which the printer wastes all the time by forcing me to throw away half the ink when it insists the ink is gone, but it is NOT. I hate it soooo much I am looking forward to getting a different printer ANY printer, so that I can smash this one to bits with a large maul axe! I will enjoy it to an indecent level when I feel the crunch and smash and watch all those torturous little circuit boards go flying through the air! SMASH SMASH SMASH!!!

8:48 PM  
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Brother Printer is said to be the most competent printing device that assures crisp printouts within seconds. On contrary to this, it projects error codes and messages in your path. For correcting such error codes and messages, you can tell the Online Brother Printer support Number UK and everything will be solved.

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