Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Run! Run, advertising icons! Run like you've never run before!

Turns out even the New York cops can't stand advertising these days. Looks like Advertising Week (in New York, they never fail to remind us) kicked off with, well, sort of a sprint. This quick dash through Times Square probably had people looking uptown to see if some tourists just had their wallets nicked. The I'm-so-80's creative minds behind this week-long celebration of advertising — advertising, baby! — will probably spin it as a "high speed parade designed to break through to American consumers in today's cluttered environment." My favorite part of the article might be the bit about the 50 DDB staffers "milling about" on the sidewalk in front of their global headquarters. Rudderless, adrift, lost — who knew actual agency personnel could be such apt metaphors for an industry.

I believe this week will provide much fuel for Lab Reports.


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