Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Hmm. Honesty. Go figure.

Over the years, I've lost countless hours of my life debating clients in soulless conference rooms over the claims they wanted to make in their advertising. "Best," I would say, "is not a strategy." I'd urge clients to let us say something that somebody might actually believe. I'd ask clients to really try and separate themselves from their marketing roles. Would they believe the claims they wanted us to make? Smart clients got it. But many others, perhaps weakened by the stale coffee and the acrid air in those conference rooms, did not.

I was an early skeptic of the real impact of blogs, but their value is now without question. An older article in Forbes on truth and blogs should give all marketers much to consider. Naturally, I found my way to this article through Rick Bruner's blog.

— Dean Gemmell


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