Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Converted Traditional Ad Guy Does Web Presentation. Not As Boring As Many Predict.

I'll be giving a presentation through the Kalamazoo Chamber of Commerce titled "How to Use the Web to Build Your Business and Your Career." Yes, there will be much talk of blogs. Among other things.

I'm hardly uniquely qualified to give this presentation. But what might interest people is that I was once among the skeptics when it came to new media habits changing commerce beyond the Amazons and EBays. Now I count myself among the converted.

What the web can do for a career could be the most interesting part of the presentation. (Hey, we've all got to look out for ourselves.) What's interesting to me is how smart professionals are using the web as a sounding board to establish themselves as industry experts. It's not especially difficult — and it can be a lot more effective than the old ways of networking.

It's Thursday, February 17th at noon at the Chamber of Commerce offices in downtown Kalamazoo. Hope you can make it.

— Dean Gemmell


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