Friday, June 10, 2005

ITunes. Podcasts. Closer to one-click.

Steve Jobs is saying the next version of ITunes will have a podcast feed feature. They may also start to offer paid podcasts. Leave it to Apple to figure out how to move podcasting closer to one-click technology.

Commercial radio quietly weeps.

I also think Jobs is right about "populist" podcasting. Right now, 99% of all podcasts are crap. I don't think people want populist radio. I think they want great radio they can listen to according to their own schedule.


Blogger Dave J. said...

I think the trajectory will be a lot like the HTML web...just like the web circa 1996 when 99% of websites sucked. And podcasts will change a lot of businesses.

Podcasts will serve a number of purposes, including populist, just like different websites serve different purposes.

9:35 AM  
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