Monday, June 13, 2005

The Unchanging Local News.

I flipped over from watching The Daily Show tonight to our local newscast for a moment. To News 3, Where News Comes First. (Except, apparently, they also have Weather First. Maybe it's News First unless the weather is the news. Whatever the case, I'm confused.)

Actually, there are local newscasts far worse than ours here in Kalamazoo. But what struck me tonight was how little the local news format has changed over the years. Growing up in Niagara Falls in the seventies and eighties, I often watched local news from Buffalo. Today, my news in Kalamazoo follows virtually the same format.

Sure, the ties have become wider and narrower and slightly wider again, they've added a few more women and they've dressed up the sets a bit. The essentials, however, remain the same. Anchors, field reporters, lead with the fire or the shooting, move to the feel-good community piece, tell people if it's going to rain, go to sports.

How many other products have remained unchanged for so long? And how many have endured?

How inane is this resistance to change? Imagine if all web sites from 1997 were still the same. Fact is, there's nothing in my local newscast that I could not have found earlier in another medium.

Now, as local news struggles, it reminds me again that failure to change is a path to extinction. Ten years from now, the audience for an 11 PM local newscast will be gone.

Change is hard. And necessary.


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