Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Non sequitur marketing.

I've talked in the past about the steady stream of mail sent to me by American Express, the bulk of it being part of an effort to sell me a card I already have in my wallet. I've long believed that while direct mail can be effective, vast quantities of it are a complete waste of time and money. Far greater quantities than direct marketing pros are ever willing to admit.

But blog spam is even more ridiculous. You'll notice this blog receives regular missives in the COMMENTS section that say things like the following:

"Hi i am totally blown away with the blogs people have created its so much fun to read alot of good info and you have also one of the best blogs !! Have some time check my link of online credit card."

Every one of these faux comments seems to come straight from the rich English literary tradition of Bangalore. Does it continue simply because it can be put in front of gazillions of people without any production costs, making it worthwhile even if they find only one schmo stupid enough to click through? Awful, awful stuff.


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