Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Am I Just a Big New Media Loser?

Recently, I noticed that Craig Gillespie had directed a new Altoids commercial. I'm always interested in what he's doing because he's the director who shot my very first real commercial (Arby's, way back in 1995, a decidedly mediocre idea that he made better than it really deserved to be). It was also Craig's first paid gig as a director. He's since gone on to considerable fame and, I imagine, fortune, in the world of commercial directing.

So I went to Ad Critic to check out the Altoids spot. Pretty nice spot. But what struck me was the sheer volume of spots on the site that I had never seen before. I wondered if I've just become this internet nerd who doesn't tune in TV anymore. I still watch TV, but probably not nearly as much as I once did. I started to wonder if Ad Critic was just a site for ad creatives to show other ad creatives that they're really clever.

Go to Ad Critic and let me know how many of the spots you've actually seen in the traditional broadcast environment. I'm worried I'm becoming a guy who reads about commercials in the trades but doesn't actually watch any.


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