Monday, October 17, 2005

Brother goes all Big Brother.

Last week, I wrote about my frustrations with the performance of my Brother printer and the lack of customer service provided by the Brother Corporation. In my last missive to the company, I informed them that I would be writing about my issues on this blog.

Over the weekend, I received a response from Customer Service. It's remarkable.

Brother Customer:

If you decide to publicize any comments regarding Brother, I must caution you to take care that any and all statements you make are accurate and verifiable.

We contract an outside agency to monitor the Internet for all information posted regarding Brother. This information is periodically reviewed by our legal department. Brother pursues legal action and seeks punitive damages against any individuals that post information which is either untrue or slanderous to Brother's reputation.

We say this not as a threat, but only to advise you that you consider your actions carefully.

It is our goal at Brother to provide our customers with the highest quality products, backed by outstanding service. We do appreciate your business and will assist you with anything that is within our power, as a valuable consumer.


Printer Customer Service
Brother International Corporation

Thanks to Ad Pulp for the pickup.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That must strike fear in your heart, Dean! And you have to wonder why they don't move resources from the Legal department to Customer Service.

I carefully reviewed your original post and believe you are in the clear. What's wrong with, "...the Brother HL-1440 sucks. Furthermore, Brother sucks.'? I think it's completely verifiable.

We have a Brother printer. It also sucks. And it's model number is MFC-something. A great choice of an acronym.


6:48 AM  
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