Monday, October 24, 2005

Writer declares reading a waste of time.

Bradley Johnson, a writer for Advertising Age, takes Ad Age research that actually demonstrates the growth of blog readership and turns it into, "What Blogs Cost American Business." The subhead screams that in 2005, American workers will "waste" 551,000 work years reading blogs.

Bradley is terribly quick to make the leap from reading blogs to wasting time on blogs, isn't he? Within the apparently quite confining space of Brad's brain, was the possibility that business people who read blogs might actually learn something valuable not considered? Instead of wasting time, business people might be sharing ideas. Networking to find new suppliers. My word, Brad, they might even take away a piece of information more valuable than the standard Ad Age story — the one that tells me something fascinating like, "WPP Purchases Sports Marketing Unit."

Research maven Brad seems to think that if it's a blog, it must be a waste of time. Perhaps he believes that business people reading about Brad and Angelina's latest escapades in US WEEKLY are making good use of their time because it's on actual paper.

Do you think a lumbering trade journal like Advertising Age, covering a stumbling industry like advertising, just might have a vested interest in smearing blogs as time-wasters? I happen to think 90% of Brad's printed publication is a waste of time, especially the page that features photos of Grey Goose-swilling ad executives getting loaded at another industry cocktail hour.

That wastes my time.


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