Friday, April 28, 2006

Lawsuits are so 1999.

Interesting post by the bloggers' blogger Jeff Jarvis on his Buzz Machine about a certain Tom Dutson of Maine, who recently used his blog to call out the problems created by that state's tourism ad campaign.

Seems the guy has now been sued by the ad agency behind the campaign. Feel free to judge the quality of this shop by its site. I'd share my honest opinions here except, damn, I might wind up getting sued. Let's just say that, on previous occasions, in entirely separate and different venues, on matters completely unrelated to said advertising agency Warren Kramer Paino Advertising LLC, currently domiciled in New York City, I have remarked that agencies who claim to be "fresh" usually aren't.

Interesting – but not surprising – that an ad agency doesn't seem to understand that suing people no longer stanches the flow of information.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was in court once and court started at 9 am.
In walked this guy about 9:05 am noticing his case was up he raised his hand to get the court's attention.
The judge started yelling at him and calling him some kind of criminal ,seem the judge thought his leather jacket made him a criminal.
mind you the leather jacket was a dress leather clearly it at one time was a costly purchase.
This judge places the guy on the stand and then tells him you will only answer how I tell you too.
The judge was nuts...
back about 6 months ago someone shot a judge in another court room so this judge clearly needed some mental help.
I talked to the guy later and found out his wife had done him wrong and he was lacking any funds for any legal help.
case action

2:33 PM  

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