Thursday, February 16, 2006

Curling and the long tail.

In case you've missed it, curling has become the talk of this winter's Olympic Games. Since it's my favorite sport, I'm understandably thrilled about it.

I also think something interesting is happening here from a marketing perspective. None of the efforts to create buzz for the sport were directed by a single entity — it's been the many tentacles of the game's organizations, players and media pros. It hasn't been dropped down from above. Instead, it's been more like a steady, determined ooze.

People are watching the sport and finding it interesting. Indeed, I think the fact that curlers are real, normal human beings — no Shaquille O'Neal giants, no Bode Miller attitude — is adding to its appeal.

If the sport is finally gaining a bit of traction — God, I hope so — it's proof that there are no single magic bullets when you're trying to capture attention. Keep slugging away on as many levels as possible.

Of course, I do like to think that this incredible sports podcast might have helped as well.


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