Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Welcome aboard. Now get out.

Ad Age points out that the average tenure of a Chief Marketing Officer continues to shrink. What I'd like to know is if the amount of years that a CEO hangs on to a job has experienced a similar decline. Somehow, I doubt it.

I think it's more proof that even the smartest marketing people can't help lousy products. Customers simply know too much — you can't expect them to keep buying something that's just average when there are all kinds of choices that are far superior. When a CMO can't touch just about everything, the title may as well be Helpless Little Bunny. And we all know that the typical CEO is unlikely to be the kind of person who is moved to spare a helpless little bunny.

If you're a marketing person considering that dream job, make sure you've got some power to go with that fancy title. Or better yet, get a nice iron-clad contract that ensures you'll be paid a big fat chunk of change when people find out your big brain still can't move the mediocre product. You know, the kind of package that CEOs have.


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