Monday, February 07, 2005

When Niche Marketing Gets Alarming.

Checking out of the megamarket (Meijer) on Super Bowl Sunday, I looked to see what coupon I would get with my receipt. Usually, it's a $1 gas coupon that I dutifully store and then never use because I can't stand doing anything except pay at the pump.

Being the day of the big game, I was expecting something to encourage me to get another six-pack or grab some more hot sauce. Something burly and American. I began to read.

"The Anusol® products you have trusted for years ARE GETTING A MAKEOVER. INTRODUCING NEW TUCKS® OINTMENTS AND SUPPOSITORIES. Still the same great Anusol® products you trust. Just a new name & package. Look for new Tucks® ointments and suppositories coming this March!"

Goodness. That's not exactly the pre-game conversation I was hoping for. I began to grow concerned about the data that's been accumulated on my buying habits. Is this related to the fact that I'm edging closer to 40? I mean, come on, I'm still a few years away.

Mostly, however, I thought of the miserable existence of someone at Pfizer with this title: Director of Marketing, Suppositories and Ointments.

Granted, I think this name change is a smart move. The Anusol brand name was a bit, well, blunt. But I'm not sure it was worth telling me about it with my checkout coupon. And I'm not sure if this really qualifies as a "makeover."

Whatever. Was the checkout coupon a wise media buy? I guess I noticed, so it's got that going for it.

I'm just not real comfortable with getting news about suppositories while I'm picking up supplies for my special Super Bowl chili.

— Dean Gemmell


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anusol(R) is a Pfizer brand? Who knew?

That certainly explains a few things that have been going on around Kalamazoo.

10:51 AM  

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