Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Curling Show. Yes, The Curling Show.

One of our goals at Black Lab Five was to create content that we own. Our first media venture will strike many people as just plain odd, but we believe that niche sports are perfect for podcasting. And, as regular readers of this blog know, I'm passionate about a sport that's big in Canada but definitely niche in the United States — curling.

I hope you'll listen to our first edition of The Curling Show.

It's an interview-style show that offers conversations with the top athletes in the sport. It's a bit like curling itself — it seems weird at first. In the first show, I interview Wayne Middaugh, a guy who has been one of the elite players in the sport for about the last 15 years. For people who don't know anything about the game, you'll have to trust me when I tell you that landing this interview was a big deal.

At the very least, doing this show will give us a better understanding of how to use podcasts effectively on behalf of our clients.


Blogger Dave J. said...

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Good luck with the podcast.

8:04 AM  
Blogger sammo said...


Like most people I don't know much about curling. But, it certainly held my attention for the entire interview.

I've listened to other podcasts about subjects I'm familiar with and have had to shut them off. Largely due to weak content and excessive talk about essentially nothing.

Strong content. Good format. I'd listen to another episode.

6:40 AM  
Anonymous Gerah said...

Congrats on getting your podcast up and running. Very cool. Don't know a thing about curling but now maybe I will.

1:34 PM  
Blogger Black Lab Five said...

Thanks for the comments. It's interesting to work in a medium without rules about formats. Our first interview might be a shade long and the host could certainly improve, but we're still figuring it out.

8:06 AM  

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