Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Here's Where Things Get a Little Fuzzy.

There's news from Mediapost that Adweek and Agency Finder are teaming up to create an agency search service. I can understand why Adweek is doing it — they need to find new revenue sources.

But it sure does raise some questions. When Adweek chooses to run agency profiles, will they make selections based on whether the shop works with their agency search service? Will they write good things about work done by agencies they helped clients select? Will they write bad reviews of work done by agencies selected during reviews that didn't involve them?

Hmm. This is just a small example of the most vexing question raised by new media. If an independent voice isn't a viable business model, will we be able to rely on the emerging mix of editorial and commerce? Who will we trust?

I think old media has to find new media products, not entirely new disciplines.


Anonymous Michael said...

Who will we trust? Who can we trust?

Trust, like loyalty, is becomming an increasingly rare commodity.

I'm suffering through a shoulder injury. I needed to see an orthopaedic surgeon. Kalamazoo is blessed with a large number of excellent surgeons. I asked for a referral to Dr. N. I ended up with a referral to Dr. U - Dr. N couldn't see me until August.

So why Dr. U? Apparently, the doctor's office has a 'relationship' with Dr. U. And it happens that my Physical Therapist strongly cautioned me against seeing Dr. U.

So, if we can't trust the healthcare system to do what's best for us, who can we trust?

12:57 PM  

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