Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ask a dumbass.

Irene Done over at Not Billable points us to some, yes, expert advice from Steve Strauss in USA Today.

When a newspaper has a guy like this wasting ink and trees, it really makes the hue and cry about the veracity of blogs questionable. No, I'm not about to defend commission-based media billing (and before Mr. Strauss says, "Gotcha, you're an agency guy," let me note that our agency doesn't use commission-based media billing), but this guy is completely out to lunch about how things really work. Volume is just one of countless questions he ignores. Pity poor Carlos in California who is know knee deep in the launch of his "ad agency" to support his – sandwich shop? paint store? tool and die shop? – business.

Yes, the ad agency business and its billing practices are pretty screwed up. But this solution for small businesses makes about as much as sense as General Motors hiring me to be their next CEO.

USA Today should be embarrassed. The smug photo of this Strauss fellow. The research that must have included at least three minutes on Google. The advice to designate someone in the office who has, "...the most advertising know-how..." to be, "...the point person."

Who's editing McPaper anyway? Oh, right. They must have just promoted the guy who used to create all the four-color pie charts.


Blogger Dave J. said...

Wow, that is bad. My agency doesn't take the commission either.

I can just imagine the conversation when a client calls the agency to tell them they are creating an in-house agency to save 15% on ad placement. I'm not sure if the account manager is going to laugh his head off, or drop his jaw to the floor.

6:15 AM  

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