Monday, February 14, 2005

MAGIC. More from the Show in Las Vegas.

A quick recap of some of my day's experiences at the MAGIC show.

I stood in line at the Starbucks in the Convention Center between the girls from the Hustler licensed clothing booth and a man who was wearing a pair of briefs. Only a pair of briefs. Not even socks.

I received a sticker from a clothing brand called F___ You Chopper. It seems their raison d'etre is to sell shirts that say variations of F___ You.

I saw the comedian Steve Harvey. He has a line of clothing.

I heard a rumor that Michael Jordan was nearby.

More seriously, the chance to review so many brands and products at the same time, together, got me thinking about agencies that claim to be "brand builders." What a load.

Communications don't build brands. Products build brands. Crap product, crap brand. Good communications can take a great product to its inevitable brand position faster, but even the most amazing communications won't turn a lousy product into a killer brand.

I guess that's why I won't claim that our company can build the F___ You Chopper brand.

Additionally, I must revise one of my earlier comments. There actually is a lot of cotton here. Owing to the fact that every single line — no matter what their clothes are like — sells T-shirts.

I also saw two men, standing together, who were both over seven feet tall and probably weighed about 400 pounds each.

— Dean Gemmell


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