Monday, November 07, 2005

Whole Foods blogs.

Whole Foods is one of those companies that helped convince me customer dialogue is infinitely more valuable than traditional advertising. Sure, they have the advantage of retail locations, but they've never advertised and have built their brand on millions of relationships. You have to be relentless to make it work – they have been.

Now, of course, their CEO is blogging. No surprise. Whole Foods gets it.

Their blog, however, could use some help. Right now, it feels a bit like a reading list from a political science class I had in sophomore year. Yes, socio-economic rationale is an essential part of their brand DNA, but a little lighter touch might not be a bad idea.

Of course, blogs can evolve and improve without burning through a bunch of money and resources. Unlike that half-million dollar commercial that, even after countless edits and re-edits, remains a stinker that nobody notices.


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